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About Sovereign Martial Arts School

Click on any of the buttons above for the martial arts school nearest you. Regardless of which location you choose, we promise you three things:

1. A Safe, Clean Facility

Hygiene and safety come first. A clean facility is a positive environment for learning, growth and inspiration. That's why we thoroughly clean our facilities each and every day.

Safety is also crucial to a positive experience. Our equipment is up to date, and in outstanding condition.

2. Expert, Passionate Instructors

Martial arts isn't a hobby for us, or something we just “do on the weekends.” Our instructors have dedicated their lives to mastering martial arts, and becoming the best teachers they possibly can.

They're competent, friendly and professional. If you have a question, they'll answer it immediately and thoroughly. If you have a challenge, they'll encourage and motivate you to get through it as best as you can.

3. A Warm, Friendly Community.

At the end of the day, it's our students and members that make our martial arts schools so great. In each of our locations, you'll find friendly faces, warm smiles, and lots of fun and laughter.

We hope that you come by to try out our programs. And if there's anything you need help with, or any questions you’d like answered, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Childrens Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu

Our martial arts classes help kids in so many ways. Hard exercise helps them stay in shape, let out stress, and even helps calm children with ADD / ADHD. Learning and practicing new skills and techniques helps them build discipline and focus. And listening to their instructors, and helping out their fellow classmates teaches the importance of working together, respecting one another, and builds positive social skills. Plus, every class is a ton of fun...

Kickboxing Classes NJ

The gym: boring. Diets: ineffective. Working out alone: zero excitement. These fitness kickboxing classes? The funnest, most effective & fat-burning classes of your life. Kick and punch your way to a slim, sexy you in each and every class. Get inspired by our passionate instructors. And make friends with the awesome members who workout here. Click now to learn more!

Adult Martial Arts

Our Karate classes will help you master a powerful martial art, uncover a boundless inner-strength, and give you the confidence to tackle any challenge - and succeed. Most people think Karate is just about self-defense. And while that's a big part of it, the truth is it's an art form that will help you develop courage, respect, and connection. Before you know it, you'll feel a calm confidence seep into every area of your life

Self Defense Classes

Krav Maga's creator won the Slovakian wrestling championship, boxing championship, and an international gymnastics championship... all in the same year. But his greatest achievement was Krav Maga: the powerful, fast, rapid-paced martial art that'll teach you incredible self-defense, and get you in awesome shape, fast. You'll learn to harness Krav Maga with our classes - and have a ton of fun along the way.

MMA Training

Mixed Martial Arts: Train like a pro fighter in these intense, fun, and hardcore classes. Discover powerful martial arts techniques to take down any opponent. Learn the best moves from Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and more. And get in the best shape of our life along the way. Plus, with our expert instructors, you'll be guided, motivated and encouraged through every class. And for any challenge or question you have, they'll be right there to help. If you're ready to get lean and toned—and learn how to fight like a pro—these are the classes for you.